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Annuity Tables

Annuity tables are a good way for one to see just what one is likely to get for the annuity money from different financial service providers. Annuity tables are like a tabular and graphical representation and lists the main demographic groups like male, age, amount of money to be invested and return expected etc.

One can also see from a annuity table how much income will be earned on investment under various payment options for any particular annuity. The interest for various annuities like CD-type annuities, fixed annuities or equity-indexed annuities can also be compared easily.

Annuity tables are widely used to form a rough idea about the expected income from investment. Annuity tables also help in determining whether one should apply in long term commitment or not. After the combined analysis from market trends and annuity tables one can have a good idea that further enable right decision to invest in the right company with right annuity option for secured future.

Annuity table is used because it shows how payments may increase in actual sense. Using an annuity table, it is possible to show future income at future day values. An annuity table is considered as one of the most useful tool by huge number of people all around the world.

The annuity table must be current. If one use an annuity table which is outdated, the rates will not be correct. If the rates are not correct in the annuity table, the values will be wrong leading to utter disaster. So due care must be taken while referencing an annuity table

Immediate Annuity Table
An annuity table for immediate annuities helps investor to estimate how much income oen can expect from the investment at different ages.

Deferred Annuity Table
A deferred annuity is not influenced by the same factors as an immediate annuity. Generally, a deferred annuity table will display the interest rates one earn on his/her deposit after 'x' number of years.

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