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Immediate Annuity and Retirement Portfolios

Immediate annuities are one of the best options that act as a means of ensuring high and stable income for the retirement years. The immediate annuities are characterized by the fact that returns of investment in an immediate annuity begins subsequently as the contract is put into effect. Immediate annuity is a much better option for the person who is close to his retirement or who has already retired. With the guaranteed income offered by an immediate annuity, a retiring or retired person only requires to worry about managing his/her retirement spending and not source of income. Immediate annuities are widely termed as one of the most profitable option to opt for from the huge variety of alternatives that might be available.

When you purchase an immediate annuity you require to pay a lump sum which further immediately initiates a payout phase that can either be for a fixed term or for life. Such types of immediate payouts are available only with immediate annuity. Immediate annuities are very beneficial for the persons who are seeking an easy way to manage their retirement income. These can alleviate one's financial concerns with a simple one-time premium.

If a person has a qualified plan and intends to retire at an early stage, an immediate annuity can assist them by avoiding early withdrawal penalties. There are enormous types of financial products which provide a fair financial return in the form of dividends, interest and capital gains but annuity is the only product that provides additional return which is normally called “mortality return”. Immediate annuities are appropriate for unmarried clients as well. Immediate annuity suggests a laddered approach for purchasing the annuities that helps in spreading out the risks associated with interest rates and insurance companies.

Laddered approach of immediate annuities has the additional benefit of increased payouts for annuities purchased at subsequent ages. It keeps more assets liquid to cover future expense or to provide for an inheritance in the case of an early death. Thus immediate annuity can be termed as one of the most fruitful option to choose for in order to ensure maximum financial gains.

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